Fueled By Yoga

Group Classes

• 6:00am, Vinyasa Yoga, Emerald City Athletics
• 7:30am, Yoga Flow, Yoga by Flow

• 9:00am, Vinyasa Yoga, Emerald City Athletics
• 12:15pm, Vinyasa Yoga, Corporate Client

• 6:30pm, Vinyasa Yoga, Anytime Fitness

• 11:30am, Chair Yoga, Aljoya

• 7:30am, Yoga Flow, Yoga by Flow
• 9:45am, Slow Flow Yoga, Radiant Path Yoga

• 12:00pm, Vinyasa Yoga, Corporate Client


Semi-Private Classes

To meet students where they are, these classes address individual goals and take into account body, lifestyle, injury or other limitations. Whether supporting as an accountability partner for a home practice, bolstering alignment education or exploring specific postures or anatomical targets in greater depth, these classes offer an opportunity to go beyond the typical group class.

Ask me anything during these sessions!  You'll receive the personal attention needed to deepen your yoga practice.

1 hour session: $75 - $90
Pricing is based on each client's individual needs, session location, time of day and frequency.

Corporate Wellness

When I worked in the corporate world, attending the on-site yoga class was one of my favorite times of the day. Carving out time for self-care and finding balance between work, life, family and personal time can be challenging. That’s why I’m a big believer in bringing yoga to you and/or your employees. Studies have shown that with a benefit like on-site yoga offered to employees, they tend to be more focused, efficient and happy at work. Not to mention, healthier! Offering this service invites employees to reset and recharge for the milestones ahead. Yoga is a technology to calm the fluctuations of the mind. Poses and movement are ways to align the body and mind by directing attention to specific and singular focal points. When I meet a new group, we introduce alignment basics and begin by practicing foundational postures so no prior yoga experience is necessary. I currently offer ongoing group classes throughout Seattle with companies like Fred Hutch, Amazon, RBC and Parametric. Please contact me at hello@fueledbyyoga.com with any questions about starting a corporate yoga program at your business. References from my current sites are available.