Fueled By Yoga


I first encountered this vast philosophy and ancient technology in college. The simultaneous feelings of stillness and vitality during practice kept me coming back for more. To me, time on the mat is an invitation to explore; and teaching yoga shares the process of self-discovery with others. Asanas are the physical manifestations of yoga and the tip of the iceberg. Breathwork and meditation invite folks to dive deeper and aid the cessation of the chaos within the mind. It’s not always easy and we don’t always like what we uncover and yet, that’s our truth and with practice we cultivate our place called home. Together let's reveal the power of connection, awareness and transformation that is yoga. Together we'll practice in ways that’ll have you living your yoga until you're 95yrs. and beyond!

Gratitude shout outs to the yogis and master teachers along the way who have inspired and guided me on my path: Denise Benitez, Bianca Rafferty, Claudette Evans, Amy Arabi, Nicole Bratt, Beth Award and Seattle Yoga Arts (500hr. TT); Molly Lannon Kenny; Seane Corn; Michelle Befus; Theresa Elliott, Kathryn Payne and Pacific Yoga Arts (200hr. TT).

With the curiosity of a beginner’s mind, I’ve only just started…xxHeather


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