Youth Yoga


Welcome! Registration for Fall 2018 classes is starting. Check with your PTSA to learn if Yoga for Kids is offered at your school. Contact me at for more information.

We believe that ALL kids should have access to the play and power of yoga.  Fueled by Yoga provides yoga instruction to Seattle-area kids with a focus low-cost, after-school programs that enrich school environments.  By participating in yoga and relaxation practices, children cultivate body awareness, self-regulation, social interaction, increase their self-esteem and develop tools to deal with stress and anxiety. By creating the foundation for more confident, empowered and compassionate children, we will achieve our goal: we want the next generation to be fueled by yoga to live healthy and be well.

Fueled by Yoga has had the honor to work with the following elementary schools:

  • BF Day
  • Cascadia
  • John Hay
  • Loyal Heights
  • McDonald International
  • Montlake
  • View Ridge
  • West Woodland

For any of the above school registrations, contact me at for more information.


Here’s what parents + kids are saying:

“Anika really enjoyed the class and it chilled her out on Friday afternoons.” – View Ridge parent, April 2018

“My daughter said she felt peaceful and relaxed when she started the day today (without any prompting on my part), which warms my heart!  Thanks for teaching today.” – View Ridge parent, March 2017

“Heather, wanted to let you know that my girls had a fantastic time doing yoga with you today!  Thanks so much!” ~ West Woodland parent, January 2017

 “We very happy with Lily’s continued interest in yoga.  She said yoga class helps her relax 🙂  Thank you!” ~ McDonald International parent, December 2016

“Funny story: Freddie told me as he got to school this morning that he thinks he should take yoga for the rest of his life. I said that sounded like a very wise thing to do :)” ~ McDonald International parent, March 2015

“Yoga class is great!  It’s the best class I have that’s part of school.” ~ Sefira, 1st grade